1. Better is Better.  2. No Single-Use Plastics.  3. No Eco Cliches.  4. Planet-Positivity.  5. Clearly Transparent.  6. Design To Disappear.  7. Zero Greenwashing.  8. Action Not Doom.

Undo-Undo-Undo was born from our sister agency Lyon&Lyon (an award winning branding and packaging agency with 7 years experience) as a reaction to our own eco anxiety. We’re all aware of the problems we (humans, animals, insects, plants, etc) are all facing, so it’s time to work on some of the solutions. Thankfully there is a material revolution happening; “plastics” that can be returned to the Earth via your composter and versatile fabrics made from fruit waste, just to name a few*. We want to work with people who share our passion for progress and normalise a new wave of sustainability and bring them to our everyday lives.  
    *Check niceandpositive for a whole feed of revolutionaries.  
We’re excited to say we have a handful of projects already on the way in the near future. Thanks to the innovative and like-minded people, these projects include packaging utilising innovative materials and services that offer consumption and carbon reducing services. Until these projects are ready, please see examples of our work from Lyon&Lyon to give you a flavour of our design style.

See more examples of previously completed projects at Lyon&Lyon